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July 07 2017

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Toyota Ak-10 Jeep. Only 2 prototypes were produced, none surviving.

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July 06 2017

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Heinkel He-111H-3

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How dive and altitude bombing works? http://wrhstol.com/2tPLOA6

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Arado Ar.96B-1

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USS Nimitz

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Spanish Army Pz. IV in 1958

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Soviet officers standing at the T-34-85, salute the parade of the 9th armored division of U.S. army in district of Linz (Linz). Austria, 2 may 1945.

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Destroyer DDG-178 “Ashigara”  Japan.

July 05 2017

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Panzer IV Ausf. D preparado para cruzar rios

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Polish Mig-29A intercepts Russian Tu-22M3

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F-101 Alvaro de Bazán

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Thinking about doing the “Camino de Santiago”? Here are the main routes!

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MiG-21 F-13 Fishbed C

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July 04 2017

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Fritz Christen (1921 - 1995) was awarded the Knight’s Cross in 1941 for his bravery when fighting against Russian tanks as a PAK soldier. He was the first enlisted man in the Waffen-SS to be decorated with the Knight’s Cross. His last rank was SS-Oberscharführer. 

July 03 2017

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The company commander of heavy tanks KV-1 49-th red banner tank brigade and commander tower guns (foreground) read the newspaper “Pravda”, the rest of the crew in the background. Bryansk front, may 15, 1942.

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The Dunkerque evacuation was the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches and harbour of Dunkerque (Dunkirk), between 26 May and 4 June 1940, during the Battle of France.

By the end of the eighth day, a total of 338,226 soldiers had been rescued by a hastily assembled fleet of over 800 boats of merchant marine boats, fishing boats, pleasure craft, and lifeboats called into service for the emergency. The British Expeditionary Force lost 68,000 soldiers during the French campaign and had to abandon nearly all of their tanks, vehicles, and other equipment (enought to equip about eight to ten divisions).

Between 30,000 and 40,000 men were left behind and forced to surrender to the Germans.

July 02 2017

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