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February 05 2018

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The German soldier near beast T-35 tank

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Main battle tanks VT-4 Royal Thai army.

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Multi-turret tank German Neubaufahrzeug (Nb.Fz.) on the factory floor. In the room are tanks Pz.Kpfw. III chassis, armored personnel carriers Sd.Kfz.250.

February 04 2018

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Juan Lario Sanchez

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Light cruiser Savannah on the river,October 1945

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Lady Lex and the airship ZR 3,the frame of the film F. Capra Airship,1931

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Panzer 4 de la 14 PzDiv

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Guntruck on the basis of Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck on the Iraqi-Syrian border near the Syrian town of al-Arabiya 13th October 2014. This machine belongs to YPG forces.

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Type battleship king George V,view of the tank

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Jagdtiger with Porsche suspension

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The first training Boxing armored personnel carriers (in Lithuania have the designation Vilkas Ifv) of the Lithuanian armed forces just ordered 88 such bronetehniki.

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Patrick Carpenter (active 1939–1946)-Ammunition Column Moving out. Date 1942

February 03 2018

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The Carrier Glories

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HMS Tempest es descubierto por el torpedero italiano Circe

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